World Business Report with Victoria Fritz - 1730 BST - 5.10.2016

In this edition of World Business Report presented by Victoria Fritz on BBC World News, Wednesday 5 October 2016.

Michelle Fleury reports from Washington DC, where the IMF have been meeting this week. They warn of problems in Europe, China and Japan. Europe's banks in particular have had problems making money.

Yahoo deny claims that they built monitoring software for the U.S. Government to spy on email users.

News in brief, which includes Facebook apologising for illegal products being sold on their new Marketplace area.

Marie Thirlwall from Ordinance Survey spoke to Victoria about Driverless Tractors. They need mapping and the company is set to profit from this advancement in farming.

A look at the U.S. Markets.

Bulletin: World Business Report
Presenter: Victoria Fritz
Correspondent: Michelle Fleury
TX: 1730 - 5 October 2016

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