Unique Museums to Visit in London (you never heard of) | Love and London

You're visiting London and want to experience museums that are unique and off-the-beaten path. The musuems in this video will be the ones to visit and I'm sure you've never heard of them before. This ain't no video about the British Museum, y'all.

London has so many interesting museums beyond the classics like the Natural History Museum and the London Museum so go see these instead.

Check out more local gems in the "You've Never Heard Of" series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW9WeSM8PdU&list=PL6u96nZN-L_YMieF54tAk7ZfpWbImU8AH

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About Love and London:
I'm Jess, I've lived in London for many years, and this channel is a London travel guide for anyone visiting the city that wants to experience it like you live here. Beyond talking about the usual London attractions, I show you some of the cooler things to do in London, that most travel guides don't mention. Watch my videos and you'll feel like you've got a Londoner friend telling you the best kept secrets in the city.

Mentioned in the video:
Handel and Hendrix Museum
Fashion and Textile Museum
Museum of Brands and Packaging
Garden Museum
Leighton House Museum
NLA (New London Architecture)

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