Top Things to Do in London in 3 Days (from a Londoner - 2019)

If you're in London for three days (or more) I'm telling you the top thins to do in London that will cover a lot of sights, traditions and more. It's not all sights (you can find that info anywhere) but also British traditions like afternoon tea and spots to get incredible views over London (even ones that are free to visit).

I've lived in London since 2013 and have given thousands of people recommendations for what to do, see eat and drink while visiting London, and this is the list of the TOP things to cover off if you visit London with 72 hours (at least.) This list is great to follow if it's your first time in London and you're not sure what to do, and maybe feel overwhelmed by the typical London travel guides (many of which aren't created by people who actually live in and know London.)

If you are in London for three days or more and you need help with your itinerary (or you just don't have any time to research and make one) then you'll want my 3-Day London Itinerary. It's got your entire first three days planned out, covering both famous London attractions and local gems that only Londoners tend to know about. Everything mentioned in this video is covered in the itinerary. Find out more about the 3-Day London Itinerary:

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