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1976 Honda CB750A Hondamatic Issues.

1976 Honda CB750A Hondamatic throttle issues. As seen in video, with engine off, throttle springs back just fine, with engine running, throttle...

More AR Drone 2.0 Fun.

No mods or upgrades, still waiting for parts to come in but did receive the parts I needed to get it flying again.

AR Drone 2.0 Playing Oustide

My first video with my new AR Drone 2.0. I have several upgrades ordered and will do another video when I have them all installed.

80lb Cobra Pistol Crossbow Fun!!

Just a video showing a mod I made to my Cobra crossbow scope and some zombie killing!

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Cobra Pistol Crossbow Fun!!!

80lb Cobra crossbow shooting at a defective LCD monitor.

Burg Wachter Gamma 700 Diamant Picked Open

Thanks BosnianBill for the awesome padlock!! 6 pin German padlock picked open. Spooled top pins and spooled keypins plus a nasty bitting make...

Bowjax Test Barnett Jackal

I wanted to see how much of a noise difference the Bowjax Magnum Split Limb Dampeners made on my Barnett Jackal. Looks like 2 db quieter with the...

Abus EC Diskus 25/70 Picked Open !!!!

5 pin Abus Diskus picked open!! Thanks to BosnianBill for the locks!!!

S&G Environmental Padlock Picked

3 disc S&G environmental key #101 padlock picked open. Thanks BosnianBill for the locks!!

U.S. General Padlock Gutted!!

5 pin Harbor Freight padlock gutted!!!

U.S. General Harbor Freight Padlock Picked Open

5 pin Chinese Harbor Freight padlock picked open!!

5 Lever Harper Beardmore Overlifted!!!

KokomoLock a.k.a Domestic Lever Master in training demonstrates the top secret overlifting technique!!! Thanks again Solomon for the lock!!!